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chase-and-jessica-loving-hurting On the verge of success, what would you leave behind to get ahead? Gambling the happiness of his loved ones against the success of his career, a young actor must navigate a minefield of ambition, delusion, & precarious loyalty to decide what matters most.

THE VERGE is an original web series created by Mark St. Cyr and Ross Denyer. It’s a story about passion, choice, and sacrifice in pursuit of big dreams. It’s about artists struggling to make a name for themselves, the pitfalls of ambition, the catastrophe of success, and the people who get left behind.

Mark St. Cyr has written a 7-episode first season, directed by Ross Denyer. The project has been produced by Saint Street Productions in partnership with Little Kraken Films. With a cast of ten talented actors, filming took place in October 2013 over a ten day shoot in New York City. The first season was an Official Selection at the 2014 Los Angeles Web Festival and is being submitted to more festivals, in both the United States and abroad.

The series pilot premiered on April 3rd, 2014. New Episodes air every Thursday @ 10/9c, April 3 – May 15th, exclusively at youtube.com/VergeSeries.

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Like the actors in The Verge, we believe in making our own opportunities. This web series is a passion project, but it’s a story all artists share in. The need to create drives us forward, but can we balance artistic success with the success of our relationships? We can’t wait to share the excitement, frustration, humor, and triumph of being so close to The Verge


The Verge Web Series Team